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RUTLAND (and neighbouring areas)

Helping our community to save money and save water

We are passionate about the opportunity that the competitive water market brings for businesses, charities and other non-household organisations to reduce how much water they use and how much they pay for their water and waste services.

But it's a new market and awareness still needs to grow, especially among SMEs and the lower water users.

We aim to play our part in helping to raise that awareness within our local community. 

And as we do so, we can help you understand what that opportunity means for you, whether through checking the accuracy of your current bills and usage or giving you guidance on the best options for you.

While we have good relationships with a number of water retailers and service management companies, we remain wholly independent: we take no commission from any, nor would we normally recommend any one over another (unless, say, you are specifically looking for help to decide which of two tariffs is likely to represent the best value for your given circumstances over time). 

Learn more about the non-household water market:


We can review and assess the accuracy of your bill data and give you a broad indicator of the likely savings you may be able to achieve in the market.


We can help you determine the best options for you, including whether or not self-supply might work for you and to look at broad strategies to reduce your water usage.

We'd love to help you - just let us know if there is anything you need.

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