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Brodick Retailer Grid

The Brodick Retailer Grid is our visualisation of market share versus market momentum amongst retailers in the market. Taking inspiration from Boston Consulting Group's market matrix, it helps distinguish the leading market parties, their challengers and those with more to do.

The Brodick Retailer Grid is updated here on a monthly basis, using data from MOSL, the market operator for the English non-household water market.

The Brodick 'Tube map'

The Tube Map is our visualisation of the market interactions, designed to help with understanding the processes and data, while also giving a basis for classifying the data - key for effective data governance.

Water Competition Tubemap

Click on the image to zoom in

Brodick in the media

We get articles published in the leading industry magazines from time to time, or provide data and graphs.

We also produce our own items through social media.

Year 1 Review

A deeper look at market dynamics based on the MOSL data, leading on from our initial blog post.

We call out our retailer teams of the year and the ones to watch out for in Year 2.

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