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Our mission

We are excited about water competition bringing real benefit - not just to non-household customers but to the UK as a whole. How? Because one of the consequences of separating wholesale and retail is that it puts greater scrutiny on the data than there has ever been before. 

This will be tough for a while but in the long run there will be rich datasets that can help inform a better understanding of how water is consumed in this country and drive behaviour change. Networks can be more nuanced with what demand will be in the light of climate change and population growth.

We happen to think there's a case for household competition but these benefits can be realised either way.

We want to play a positive and active part in that evolution, which involves a broad 3-track journey:

  1. Help market companies get efficient and effective

  2. Help water networks ‘liberate’ knowledge and insight from their data

  3. Help consumers get smarter with what they use

Our mission
Our values
Our values

We share common values for collaboration, innovation and curiosity.  

And we always aim to listen, respect and empathise.

Good data analysis - as in life generally - is enriched by diversity of perspective and we will do what we can to encourage anyone with an interest in the field to get involved.

Brodick is not just about bringing our ideas to life - it's about starting the ball rolling; it's about building on ideas.

It's not about imparting a vision but about playing our part in uncovering as yet undiscovered solutions together.

It's about overcoming obstacles and moving to better ways of doing things.

Our approach

We believe in a form of "micro-consulting", which is giving you the value you need as you want it, rather than signing up for lengthy assignments.  We want long-term relationships but not long-term engagements so much, unless we can do that in an advisory way. Instead, we'd rather focus on addressing very specific outcomes or to support your teams to do things for themselves.

But that approach can be a little reactive. What also works really well is when we have a little room to think without a specific goal in mind, where we don't know what we might find in the data. That's where real discovery lives and we love the potential of more flexible support agreements. 

In time, we aim to showcase techniques more closely associated with data science but first things first.  For now, we'll focus on helping businesses get more efficient and effective - to help market choice thrive.

The benefit for small startup retailers is clear: we can help make things achievable that may not have been otherwise. But we think we can help the larger companies too. And if you prefer to develop capabilities  yourself, we can help you do that, whether by building your own or opting for an established service.

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