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What education can we provide? 

The service usually covers one of the following methods of delivery:

  1. Presentations and content

  2. Q&A and Forum-style workshops.

  3. Market coaching

Presentations & content

Typical engagements

This service can include the giving of presentations or the preparation of slideshows (or other materials) without the actual delivery. For example, you may want a particular process to be explained via a slide deck for sharing with your teams. We would include that in this service, whether or not you wanted those slides to be presented as well. Or you may want a version of our Tube Map calibrating for your own company's processes.

Typical engagement effort

Clearly, the delivery of a presentation itself is usually geared around one session but bespoke presentations also require appropriate preparation, so the overall effort can be greater. Duration will depend on the nature of the content required but is usually a few days' effort. Tube Maps are complex and take longer.

Q&A and forum-style workshops

Typical engagements

These sessions tend to be ones where input to or facilitation of a workshop/meeting is required but not a specific presentation. Some workshops will have very clear scopes and outcomes; some maybe a bit fluid and allow for a free flow of questions - either approach is fine.

Typical engagement effort

These assignments tend to only cover the sessions themselves and light preparation.

Market Coaching

Typical engagements

This service is like our mentoring service but with a little more formality and structure. It is more aimed at small groups than specific individuals but either approach is fine. The aims are similar: to help guide people on the market data and processes.

Typical engagement effort

These are conducted over an agreed period (three, six or twelve months), with a session frequency to suit the customer teams. Meetings are in person and teams have opportunity to highlight any topics of particular interest before each session.

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