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Career abstract

David has over 20 year’s experience in UK utilities, including water, gas and electricity.  His career has seen him take on many different functional perspectives (e.g. networks, retailers, system operations, metering). 

He has been heavily involved in a great deal of industry change, including the introduction of competition in all three utilities, plus the further unbundling of gas metering. He has played his part in a number of major transformation programmes.

He retains a keen interest in the revolution that is happening in energy (whether smart metering, smart grids or blockchains). He feels that there is much for water to heed but that it can be a two-way street, definitely.

He has been a consultant for the past 7 years.  Prior to that, he has often been either a project manager or in highly analytical roles, given his capacity for dealing with complexity and vast amounts of data. 

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Data is both a passion and an important area of focus. He has developed strategic Data Governance operating models, right the way through to very detailed algorithm development for machine learning models.  

He would like to see an open data governance framework specific to the sector -  and aims to help achieve it.

Roll of honour

Before Brodick, David has had the pleasure and privilege of working for, contracting to or consulting with many companies through his career (and even all three), including:

Affinity Water

AMT Sybex

British Gas


Electricity North West

National Grid

Network Rail

Northumbrian Water



Scottish Water

Shepherd Neame

Thames Water




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