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Brodick Retailer Grid

The Brodick Retailer Grid plots market share against momentum (the difference between gains and losses, essentially) as a way of showing who is winning and losing, while also getting a sense of the emerging trends. It takes inspiration from Boston Consulting Group's classic market grid.

This public version uses data published by MOSL on a monthly basis.

For the 'Momentum' plot, customer switches are weighted so that the significance of switches wanes over time (down to zero after 24 months). The colour-coding compares the last quarter with the previous quarter in absolute terms, without weighting.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 15.48.16.png
BRG 06-2018.png
BRG Long Key.png

For the public versions, we only use SPID (supply point ID) values due to ambiguity caused by volatility in the usage date that prevents us from using volume (though we do so with our detailed market party versions).

Only retailers with a portfolio > 300 SPIDs are shown (with some adjustment to anticipate switches that are shown in switching figures but do not yet appear in the population totals, due to the timing of the effective date, versus MOSL's reporting period).

The source data can be found here:

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