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Practical Advice, Market Insight and 

Data Innovation for the Water Industry

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Welcome to Brodick Consulting

We’re an independent data consultancy, with a passion for seeing the UK water market thrive.

A deep understanding of market data requires a deep understanding of the market...

so there are many ways that we can help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.

As with everything, diversity of perspective is so important; the currency of our data work requires and benefits from us working across other sectors from time to time.

How we can help
How we can help

We have two main delivery approaches:

  • Generalist data, design and change consulting

  • Market-specific services, with solutions designed to meet particular water market challenges.

Who we are

Formed in 2016, our team has deep domain, functional and technical

experience, with a passion for data & solving complex problems.

While our skillsets are transferable to other sectors, we feel that our experience is of particular benefit to the emerging water market right now, making it a particular focus.

Who we are
Our services
Our services

We offer strategic and tactical data consulting services, including strategy, governance, analysis and analytics.

And we give those a particular water market spin: we have a range of analytical and advisory services focused on working with and extracting value from the large amounts of market data and improving operational efficiency.

Our projects and tools
Our resources

We help established and new entrant companies and their teams rise to the challenges of the market and bring great value to their customers.

We take an open, sharing approach to our thinking:

David's knowledge of the energy industry and in particular the water industry and new Market Codes helped us immensely with our journey to get Ready4Retail. David was instrumental in assisting with key design functions and data analysis, as well as shaping the Industry thinking around market participants' bilateral operational interactions.

Ana Nicholson, Solutions Architect

Northumbrian Water



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